This Metal May Soon Be Powering Our Future And It's Flying Under Wallstreet's Radar

In recent years American Lithium has made a lot of noise in the mining industry as well as on Wall Street. With a market cap of over $500M today, the company started 2023 off with a bang by getting approval to start trading on the NASDAQ.

The lithium exploration company has garnered major attention for its world-class lithium projects as the world races to net zero emissions through electrification.

Lithium is the technology of choice for battery-powered mobility. The combination of being light in weight and high in energy density makes it the key enabling feature of the electrification of transportation and in turn decarbonization.

In 2022, lithium more than DOUBLED in price. Copper could now be the lithium of 2023!

Rising global average temperature is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns. Scientific studies indicate that extreme weather events such as heat waves and large storms are likely to become more frequent or more intense with human-induced climate change.

People are recognizing how drastic the weather has become and it is expected to only get worse. To save the planet, consumers, companies, and governments all over the world have been stepping up their sustainability game.

What’s the goal? To get to a net zero world by 2050. This would mean that carbon emissions are balanced by absorption.

The race towards net zero has been in full force since 2016 and the Paris Agreement. It has only been garnering more attention throughout the world in recent years!

Today nearly 200 countries have committed to the Paris agreement and set targets to reduce carbon emissions.

The transition is in full effect to save the planet and Wall Street is paying attention!

One-fifth of the world's largest 2,000 companies have committed to net-zero target emissions. And 90% of the companies in the S&P 500 Index now release sustainability reports, up from 20% a decade ago. Setting targets and measuring progress, says Katherine Collins, Putnam's head of sustainability investing, is an important step.

Did you know that the world's transition to net zero (which will include electric vehicles, and wind and solar power) will require unprecedented amounts of copper?

Copper conducts electricity, bends easily, and is recyclable – which makes it a critical material for most forms of renewable energy, from wind and solar to electric vehicles.

In 2022, lithium more than DOUBLED in price but its copper that could now be the lithium of 2023!

As the search for copper intensifies, it is American Copper Development Corp (OTCQB: ACDXF) may be sitting on one of the most prolific copper discoveries in America!

With a strong leadership team, heavy insider ownership, unparalleled infrastructure, and a land package that even Rio Tinto is keeping its eyes on, OTCQB: ACDXF may be the biggest story in the mining industry FLYING UNDER THE RADAR!

Experienced Management and Technical Team

With extensive collective mining industry experience, the OTCQB: ACDXF team brings geologic knowledge and capital markets expertise and has worked with major names.


Chairman Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse was appointed to serve as President & CEO of CONTANGO ORE in 2020 and previously served as President & CEO of Trilogy Metals Inc. from January 2012 until December 2019.

Between May 1999 and January 2012, he served as the President & CEO of NOVAGOLD, Inc, a company that he founded. He served as the Vice President of Exploration for Placer Dome from 1990 to 1997.

CEO Mr. Schieber established his career in metals and mining finance as an analyst for the Stabilitas Group of Funds in 2005. During this time the fund grew from 3M EUR under management to 240M EUR becoming the best performing Gold/Silver fund in Germany.

In 2009, he co-founded Euroscandic International Group where he raised upwards of $350M in project financing for specific development projects in the mining sector. In 2011-2015, he pivoted to Canadian-based farmland investments, where he became Chief Investment Officer at Dynamis Capital Corp., which focuses on long-term, recession-proof investments with emphasis on gold and silver.

SPECIAL ADVISOR Andy Bowering is a venture capitalist with 30 years of operational experience and leadership in mineral exploration and development metals from early exploration through to production.

Mr. Bowering has held senior management positions in a variety of capacities. He has been responsible for the acquisition and sale of several assets and the raising of upwards of $250 million in development capital. He has operated and managed programs throughout North and South America and abroad. He is a founder, shareholder of Millennial Lithium Corp, and other publicly traded companies focused in the battery metals and precious metals space including Prime Mining Corp.

OTCQB: ACDXF's flagship asset – the Lordsburg Project in Lordsburg, New Mexico - represents an under-explored opportunity with a recently consolidated land package that will allow for true porphyry exploration!

This is a staggering 18,700 acre land package (~50 sq mi) that includes 100 patented claims totaling ~1,900 acres, and is adjacent to the claims of industry giants like Rio Tinto and BHP!

With plenty of cash on hand and phase 2 drilling to commence soon, the results could quickly catapult American Copper Development Corp (OTCQB: ACDXF) into the spotlight!

  • American Copper represents an excellent opportunity for investors to gain exposure (at a value) to the copper space. The company is exploring a friendly jurisdiction and is led by a management team with proven track records across all sectors.
  • Significant historical production: 3-4 million tons from polymetallic veins with average hypogene grades of 2-3% Cu, 2-3 opt Ag and ~0.11 opt Au.
  • The U.S. is the second largest copper producer in the world and New Mexico is one of the top copper-producing states. New Mexico offers American Copper an opportunity to grow a successful copper-focused company.
  • Mining legends are in the neighboring areas including Rio Tinto, BHP, Taseko, Freeport McMoRan, and Hudbay Minerals. Rio Tinto has even compiled its own data on American Copper's property.
  • Canadian mining giant Hudbay is the company's largest shareholder and insiders and management are loading up with a staggering 29% ownership collectively. This optimism speaks in volumes.
  • After 5+ years of working on the company's project, phase 2 drilling is anticipated to begin this year. Modern technology that has never been used before will be utilized on the project which could expedite a major discovery.
  • With much copper being imported, it is imperative to find a solid domestic resource and the company may have the answer with its high potential project.
  • The world is facing a copper shortage and the outlook for copper prices are BULLISH. Goldman Sachs upgraded its 12-month price forecast to $11,000, or 30 percent above current levels, as a supply shortage looms.
  • President Biden's decision to invoke the Defense Act to expand domestic production of critical minerals will facilitate the company's ongoing efforts to advance its flagship project. President Biden also began 2023 by meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and discussing their commitment to make North America a clean energy powerhouse. Copper is one of the critical materials to help reduce CO2 emissions and lowers the amount of energy needed to produce electricity.
  • The Lassonde Curve has been long touted by many as a realistic representation of the life stages of a junior mining company. Concept and pre-discovery take the most years on the scale and American Copper is well past that. The company has its focus now on actual discovery and feasibility.

The world is turning to EVs.

By 2040, roughly half of the vehicles on the road will still be powered by fossil fuels, but all new vehicles sold will be EVs.

More and more automakers including Honda, BMW, Ford, GM, Mazda, Kia, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi, are adding EVs to their lineups.

Dozens of pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are set to debut by the end of 2024 if all goes according to plan.

An EV requires 2.5 times as much copper as an internal combustion engine vehicle, according to S&P Global.
The energy transition is going to be dependent much more on copper than our current energy system,

There's just been the assumption that copper and other minerals will be there. ... Copper is the metal of electrification, and electrification is much of what the energy transition is all about.
, said Yergin.

Electric vehicles, solar and wind power, and batteries for energy storage all run on copper.

Meanwhile, solar and offshore wind need two times and five times, respectively, more copper per megawatt of installed capacity than power generated using natural gas or coal.

Recession Proof?

Commodities have historically performed well during recessions. Since the demand for commodities often increases during recessions, their prices usually go up too.

Some of the greatest opportunities now can also be found in small-cap companies. These companies have a history of outperforming during prior recessions when the Federal Reserve was fighting against inflation, just as they are now. contributor Luke Lango, states.
Small caps are trading near all-time-low valuations. That's because investors have been playing defense against a potential recession by buying less-risky large caps. Once the tide turns in 2023, they'll ditch the large caps and play offense with small caps. And that will cause small-cap stocks to win big.

Generally, the industries known to fare better during recessions are those that supply the population with essentials we cannot live without.

Copper is a critical material supporting economic growth, urbanization, higher living standards, and a sustainable future.

The material is playing a crucial role in renewables. Anyone dabbling in solar, wind, thermal, and hydro power needs long spools of copper to capture and convert green energy. As a result, copper demand from the green energy sector is expected to grow by 62% between 2020 and 2030, leading to a 20% rise in global copper demand.

American Copper Development Corp. is embarking on taking full advantage of rising copper prices as the company focuses on finding a major copper discovery on its property.

Company Overview

American Copper Development Corp (OTCQB: ACDXF) is America's newest copper play in Elephant Country – an area miners tend to gravitate towards in their hunt for meaningful discoveries.

The company has consolidated a large land package in a tier 1 jurisdiction of New Mexico with an experienced and technically strong leadership team.

The Lordsburg Project - Lordsburg, New Mexico

The Porphyry County district has historically produced high-grade copper ore from underground mines and last operated in the 1960s. The company's team has been assembled to explore the productive porphyry in this underexplored district.

Porphyry-related mining districts throughout SE Arizona and SW New Mexico account for 80% of US copper production. Copper porphyry deposits are responsible for 75 percent of the world's copper production.

The Lordsburg project is strategically located in a porphyry-rich copper region of southwest New Mexico at the intersection of the NE trending Santa Rita Lineament and the NW trending Texas Lineament. Significant historical production from the district includes 3-4M tonnes from polymetallic veins with average hypogene grades of 2-3% Cu, 2-3 opt Ag, and ~0.11 opt Au.

Regional geophysical and geochemical suggest the potential for multiple porphyry centers on the property. Increasing copper grades are found at depth on the Lordsburg property with historically drilled intercepts from underground of +4% Cu.

Nearby deposits include: Chino-Tyrone-Bisbee-Cananea (GRUPOMEXICO) and Superior-Resolution-San Manuel (BHP).

With abundant infrastructure and power generation options in the area, Lordsburg represents an excellent opportunity to develop a large-scale porphyry copper and/or associated skarn deposit.

The area is surrounded by industry giants including Freeport-McMoRan, BHP, RioTinto, and HUDBAY!

In fact, HUDBAY is American Copper's LARGEST shareholder with approximately 12% of the company's issued and outstanding shares.

Project Highlights


As copper demand continues to grow, investors are turning their attention to copper mining companies to gain exposure. 2023 could be a breakout year for the raw material and American Copper is exploring in a U.S. hotbed.

The fact that modern technology has never been used on the property also opens the door for a potentially massive discovery.

This district has historically produced significant amounts of ‎precious and base metals from a variety of vein deposits, but to date there has not been a concerted ‎effort to explore for the causative porphyry that generated the fluids for these high-grade veins. ‎Industry's understanding of zoning models in porphyry copper districts and how to explore for them has ‎improved greatly over the past 20 years, and the Lordsburg district itself has not benefited from these ‎advances. We have a district scale IP and MT program underway along with getting the extensive ‎underground mapping and sampling database plotted in 3D. We are also re-mapping the surface ‎geology and relogging the historic core. This will provide a wealth of information. We will bring the most ‎up-to-date exploration techniques to bear on this exciting, but under-explored porphyry copper district ‎located in the middle of abundant infrastructure including interstate highway, rail and multiple power plants - ‎including geothermal and solar power plants providing green energy. We are excited to get exploration ‎underway - it's a long way to the top if you want to define a porphyry.

- Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse, Chairman

Copper – A Tight Supply and The Next Bull Market

Copper is expected to immensely benefit from the electrification trend and American Copper Development Corp (OTCQB: ACDXF) could become a KEY domestic supplier of it.

Goldman Sachs is expecting big things from the highly conductive metal in 2023. The broker projects that copper could reach a new record high price of US$11,000 per tonne.

The sequential increase in policy targets and commitments to green transition, alongside a minimal supply response so far... have resulted in earlier and larger open-ended deficit conditions that essentially are already here, not beginning at some point in the future, said Nicholas Snowdon, metals strategist at Goldman Sachs.

Goldman is anticipating that China will accelerate its restocking of copper as the nation ramps up toward a post-COVID-19 reopening, and introduces measures to stabilize its troubled property sector. With global visible copper inventories set to end this year below 200,000 tonnes, another deficit in the market next year will take fundamental conditions to an unprecedented extreme in terms of tightness, Mr Snowdon added.

Goldman Sach's bullish forecast comes with the broker estimating a 178,000-tonne copper deficit next year. Whereas, the broker previously forecast a 169,000-tonne surplus, betting on new supply coming online. A copper slump is expected to boost prices significantly.

A massive 9 million mt copper deficit is expected by 2030 says BMO Capital Markets.

Speaking of a shortage, Daniel Yergin, vice chair of S&P Global, has said:

The challenge is that if current trends continue ... there's a huge gap. And even if you put on your roller skates and your jet burner [to realize optimistic supply growth], and everything goes right, there's still a gap, because it's enormous. And it's important to recognize that now, not in 2035.

An S&P report forecasts copper demand nearly doubling to 50 million metric tons by 2035. By 2050, demand will reach more than 53 million metric tons. To put this figure in perspective, S&P Global noted that that's more than all the copper consumed in the world between 1900 and 2021.

And a problematic factor in the copper market is Chile's recent move toward the tax reform bill, which would increase the mining royalties on any company that produces over 50,000 metric tons per annum. This tax reform bill could also substantially affect copper prices as Chile is the largest copper producer in the world.

Copper is one of the essential commodities to combat climate change. It is the metal of electrification, and electrification is much of what the energy transition is all about.

Copper is used in almost every single electrical device or contraption you can think of because it conducts electricity and heat extremely well, making it a core component in an ever more electrified world. It hides everywhere, from plumbing to power lines to aviation to the automotive sector.

A single 1,000 lb Electric Vehicle (EV) battery used around 500,000 lb of the raw material.

Transitioning the world's passenger vehicles into EVs would require a lot of mining over the next few decades to make it possible!

In Summary...

American Copper (OTCQB: ACDXF) is the newest undervalued mining play that may have the answer to the copper supply shortage problem and could reap the rewards of a copper bull rally.

According to S&P Global, decarbonization will require massive amounts of copper, which will increase its demand in the future and its price.

American Lithium is a buzzing story in the lithium space and American Copper may quickly become the top story in the copper space!

The lithium story remains red hot, but copper may become the next big story of 2023, especially as global leaders phase out combustion engines for EVs.

American Copper (OTCQB: ACDXF) is not an early-stage company. Years of preparation have been spent on their high-grade past producing copper district property. Now it is time to drill and this is one of the most exciting times for any exploration company.

Industry leaders are very nearby and when you have a giant like Rio Tinto keeping data on your property, it means something.

The company's experienced team makes American Copper a story to keep a very close eye on.

These veterans, including a highly regarded technical team, are setting out to turn a high potential property into a copper behemoth reality. They are also putting their money where their mouths are by piling up on shares.

American Copper Development Corp (OTCQB: ACDXF) is looking for HIGH GRADE COPPER in an under explored district right when America needs it the most!

Start your research! Click below to learn more about American Copper Development Corp (OTCQB: ACDXF)


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